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Ben Loer

Dr. Ben Loer
Dr. Ben Loer

Dr. Ben Loer’s research interests are in the area of ultra-low background particle astrophysics. His primary focus is on the direct detection of the mysterious dark matter particles that make up 85 percent of the matter in the universe. He operates some of the most sensitive detectors in the world in laboratories constructed deep underground. His areas of technical expertise lie primarily in the simulation of radiation transport through matter and high speed data acquisition software development.

Dr. Loer obtained a B.S. in Physics and B.A. in Latin from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006 and a Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University in 2011. While a graduate student at Princeton, he helped to produce the first real-time measurement of the solar beryllium-7 neutrino flux with the Borexino experiment. Dr. Loer was also a founding member of the DarkSide dark matter search experiment, and led the first extraction and characterization of low radioactivity underground argon, which is becoming a crucial resource for low background detectors in both basic and applied sciences. He did his postdoctoral research at Fermilab, performing simulations and data analysis for the SuperCDMS dark matter search experiment, which continues to be his primary focus since transitioning to PNNL in 2016.

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