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Mary Bliss

Materials Scientist
Dr. Mary Bliss
Dr. Mary Bliss

Dr. Mary Bliss is a materials scientist working in radiation detection technology. She serves as a Chief Scientist for Radiation Imaging and Material Sciences and Radiation Detection and Nuclear Sciences at PNNL.

In 2000, she was named the Battelle Pacific Northwest Division Woman of Achievement. Dr. Bliss and her team won an R&D 100 Award and a Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Award in 1999 for developing enriched lithium glass fiber neutron detectors. This effort also won an American Chemical Society Regional Innovation Award in 2005. 

Dr. Bliss has a bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Science from Alfred University, a master’s degree in Ceramic Science and a Ph.D. in Solid State Science from the Pennsylvania State University. She worked in the composition control and applied research group at Corning while in college. Her Master’s thesis was on the molten salt growth of piezoelectrics for sonar applications, and her doctorate research was on the absolute infrared intensities of the silicon to oxygen bond in minerals. She worked briefly at General Electric Neutron Devices, where she was in a production support group that focused on materials acceptance, production problems, and contamination issues. She joined PNNL in 1990. 

Dr. Bliss is the author of over 60 open literature publications and government reports, as well as six patents. She has worked on scintillators, wide bandgap semiconductors, chemical sensors, polymers and inorganic materials. She is a member of the American Ceramic Society and Sigma Xi Honor Society.

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