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Noah Oblath

Dr. Noah Oblath
Dr. Noah Oblath

Dr. Noah Oblath is an experimental nuclear and particle physicist.  His primary research interests are the studies of neutrinos and dark matter to further our understanding of physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics.  He is leading the efforts at PNNL to detect axion dark matter as part of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX).  He is also a founding member of the Project 8 collaboration, which is seeking to measure the absolute neutrino mass.

As a postdoc at MIT, Dr. Oblath worked with the co-inventor of the Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy (CRES) technique, Dr. Joseph Formaggio, and in 2014 he found the first CRES signals in data taken by the Project 8 experiment.  He was also a member of the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) collaboration, and was one of the leaders of the team building the novel particle tracking simulation software package Kassiopeia.

Dr. Oblath received his B.A. in Physics from Cornell University in 2002, and both his M.S. in 2004 and Ph.D. in 2009 in Physics from the University of Washington.  As an undergraduate student and as a graduate student he worked on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO), for which he shared the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics with members of the SNO collaboration and other experimental neutrino physics collaborations for the discovery of neutrino oscillations.

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