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Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX)

ADMX is an effort to directly detect dark-matter axion particles through the response of a resonant microwave cavity tuned to the frequency of photons created when axions convert to photons in a strong magnetic field.

PNNL belongs to the ADMX collaboration for axionic dark matter searches. The collaboration has called upon PNNL to contribute the microwave cavity engineering and design, comprised of the design and integration of a coherent data acquisition and analysis framework to permit automated operation of the experiment and blind analysis of the data.

Progress to date:

The ADMX NPAC project has had several tasks successfully graduate from initial NPAC support to external funding: the 1-2 GHz receiver was funded by OHEP, and the cavity modeling work and development of the resource-loaded schedule are now funded by the ADMX HEP Project funds.  In FY17 we are participating in the current 500 MHz-1 GHz phase of operations, and contributing to the design and engineering of the 1-2 GHz phase.  As we move forward under NPAC, the ADMX project will be unifying with the Project 8 project, taking advantage of the significant overlap in capabilities, and scientists and engineers involved.  Please see Project 8 for details on the FY18 plans.


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