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Direct Production of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) Particles - Retired 01 2017

SID 30degrees on platform

Physics beyond the Standard Model is available to be discovered. A better understanding of detection techniques to measure the rate of double Higgs production and invisible Higgs decays at a linear collider have the potential to reveal fundamental connections of the Higgs sector to cosmology. The development of novel algorithms for the reconstruction of complex events in highly granular calorimeters can be used in the next generation of high-energy collider detectors.

The detailed study of the Higgs boson and its interactions with the Standard Model sector is the highest priority of the DOE HEP sector. The rate of double Higgs production in colliders is directly connected to the self-coupling of the Higgs field, with implications for models of cosmic inflation and the stability of the universe. Invisible decays of Higgs bosons could point directly to a candidate particle for cosmological Dark Matter.

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